4 Advantages & 4 Disadvantages of Technology in Nursing

We’re living in a digital age where everything is touched by technology. Our homes, our vehicles,  our relationships, and of course, our jobs are all connected to tech in one way or another. While technology has a clear place in certain professions like design and business, other professions are welcoming technology as it advances and growing with it. One such profession is nursing. While it makes sense for healthcare at large to use technology for certain things (think MRI read more

How Social Media and Nursing Coexist in 2018

Social media is one of the most addictive and widespread modern developments of the 20th and 21st centuries. It makes the world smaller, makes the exchange of ideas and opinions faster, and makes sharing everything from feelings to photos easier than ever before. Of course, with such unbidden access to each other’s lives, social media can also be dangerous in different ways, read more

8 Travel Nurse Housing Facts That You Need to Know

When a travel nurse takes on a new assignment, they’re considering every aspect of their new position from their pay rate to where and how they’re to make their home in their new city or town. With all that goes into a pay and benefits package, housing is one of the most important aspects a travel nurse has to worry about. Some travel nurses bring their spouses or families read more

The Definitive Travel Nurse Skills Checklist

Travel nurses are a rare breed of health professional, making them holders of a serious set of skills that make them stand out in their field. Like traditional nurses, to become a travel nurse you must hold an RN degree and experience in a specific specialty. Unlike traditional nursing, you must also have a strong love of and desire to travel as travel nurses are meant to move from hospital to hospital, read more

5 Common Examples of Workplace Bullying in Nursing

Today, bullying is more common and rampant than ever before, and it’s showing up everywhere from online to inside professional workplaces. Some professions have a worse bullying problem than others, and the types of workplace bullying and where they occur may even surprise you. One profession that experiences bullying pretty commonly is nursing. In fact, workplace bullying in nursing is such a problem that there are actually several common examples of bullying amongst nurses that all nurses read more

Best Travel Nursing Locations in California In 2018


The travel nursing locations in California.

As a travel nurse, you have likely found that the best locations to work are those that offer great pay rates, prestigious hospitals, clinics, healthcare facility locations, and abundant opportunities for growth and experience. Many states nationwide have their crown jewel locations, as well as areas that likely would not be your first choice for a travel nursing position.

California, however, is one state that offers great travel nursing cities throughout, making it home to some of read more

Tips to Negotiating The Best Travel Nursing Contracts

Negotiating a travel nurse contract.

As a seasoned travel nurse or a first-timer, you will typically work a 13-week contract at one facility, on one unit, with a compensation package that will vary on several factors, such as:
Type of Facility- Hospital, Medical Center, Clinic, etc.
Region- City, State
Time of year- Winter, Summer, Flu Season, etc.
And Most Important- The Agency you decide to work with! So…..  Be Prepared before you sign!

You need to know how to negotiate the best travel nursing contract that will afford you read more

What Nurses Love About Travel Nursing Jobs

What nurses love about travel nursing jobs.

Are you thinking of becoming a travel nurse? Whether you’ve been working as a traditional nurse in a hospital and need a change or are fresh out of nursing school, this is a great option to consider. Travel nursing comes with a number of benefits that make it a great fit for certain lifestyles.

For example, if you enjoy being on the move, seeing new places, helping lots of different people, and of course, traveling, a travel nursing job might be the right one for you. When considering read more

7 Best Nursing Certifications To Have

As a Registered Nurse, (RN) becoming a bit more knowledgeable in different areas of healthcare is a great way to make yourself more valuable in the workplace as well as to your patients. Whether you work as a permanent staff member in a hospital, as a travel nurse, or per diem nurse, earning nursing certifications is a step in the right direction.

Becoming certified in a nursing specialty is not only a great step for your career, but it is an even greater step for healthcare as a whole. In read more

10 Advantages To Choosing the Right Travel and Per Diem Nurse Staffing Agency

10 advantages to choosing a per diem nurse staffing agency

If you work as a per diem or travel nurse and are looking for new opportunities, it may be time to explore and consider the differences between great nurse staffing agencies and mediocre ones. Nurse Staffing agencies can come with many positives, they make it easy to find steady work, offer great compensation, and provide plenty of experience working with different Hospitals. If you are a seasoned travel nurse or per diem nurse and are looking to find great nursing jobs, or if you have just read more

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